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Three more Gahan-penned songs, co-written with Christian Eigner and Andrew Phillpott, appeared on the band's twelfth album, Sounds of the Universe , released on 20 April 2009. The songs are "Hole to Feed", "Come Back" and "Miles Away / The Truth Is". Gahan also wrote the lyrics to the B-side "Oh Well" although the music was done by Martin Gore. It is their first writing collaboration. [14] [15] " Hole to Feed " was released along with Gore's "Fragile Tension" as a double A-side single in late 2009.

Not every hit of the eighties was original material. There were some songs that were coveres of songs from other decades, and even other contemporay artists. This page is just a simple list of which songs weren't by their original artist when they were made into hits in the eighties. I also have a page of songs from the eighties that are being remade now and a page about cover bands for the eighties .

45) Cocteau Twins – You could argue that my personal bias is showing here. After all, the Cocteau Twins never really had much mainstream success. But they certainly changed alternative music forever. In fact, I’d argue that the Cocteau Twins were the first true dream pop band (unlike say, “crossover” bands like The Cure who often get lumped in the dream pop category for some reason). But the real reason the band made the list is because of Elizabeth Fraser’s voice. Name any post-Cocteau Twins band with a whispy-voiced female singer – The Sundays, Sixpence None the Richer, Grimes, School of Seven Bells, The Innocence Mission, The Cranberries – and I’ll show you someone who was influenced by the band.

Ralph Stanley is within a cat’s whisker of being the same age as my dear old Mum, and let me tell you that she would find it pretty difficult to stay on her feet for an hour and a half, let alone sing and play the banjo, too. Dr Stanley is one of the United States’ most enduring country music performers, but you should understand that although his show is tinged with Nashville shtick, his music (“what we call old-time mountain-style bluegrass”) couldn’t be further removed from the mass-produced radio-centric pap that one normally associates with the genre.

Depeche Mode* DM - Peace (FBWL Re-Work)Depeche Mode* DM - Peace (FBWL Re-Work)Depeche Mode* DM - Peace (FBWL Re-Work)Depeche Mode* DM - Peace (FBWL Re-Work)